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Student accommodation investment specialists, Harley Student Accommodation is an investment company specialising in the purchase and rentals of student properties.

Each year hundreds of thousands of students across the UK need to rent accommodation whilst they attend courses in university cities far from home. For most it is their first chance of living away from home, and an opportunity to become independent young adults. A large number of students also come from overseas. In today’s society the properties most in demand are studio apartments in buildings specifically developed to host a large number of students, where they can live together in a focussed environment combining study, relaxation and convenience.

Student properties are concentrated mainly in cities with multiple universities, good nightlife and a large student population. Demand is high and many of the most popular properties are booked well in advance. New properties are being developed to cope with the ever-growing demand and student properties have proved to be a popular and stable investment over the past few years.

A typical property consists of a building built or redeveloped to have up to 60 studio apartments along with additional communal rooms such as kitchens, laundries, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, and sometimes even shops and car parking spaces depending on the size of the property. Buildings also have a reception area and staff to ensure the smooth running of the property and see to the security and satisfaction of its residents.

A student property investment is structured so that an investor can purchase one or more apartments in a development of their choice. These can be off-plan (new build) or the resale of student accommodation units already in use. Returns on the investment are provided by rentals and are typically in the range of 7% to 12.5%. The management, marketing and accommodation rentals are fully managed so that no work is required from the investor. Rentals are often guaranteed for up to ten years, and options exist to extend the rental guarantees giving long-term peace of mind to investors.

Studio apartments can also resold at a later date at current market rates, returning the initial investment with additional profits generated by the increase in property prices that has taken place over the period of the investment.

Harley Student Accommodation is a sub-division of Harley Investments Ltd - a company experienced in a variety of alternative investments. Contact us today to find out more about Student accommodation investment.

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