Harley Investments is a well-established company that has already offered a number of property based alternative investments. Harley Student Accommodation was formed as a main subsidiary of this company to focus purely on the growing opportunities offered by student properties.

With an increasing variety of investments being taken on by Harley, it had been decided that a team dedicated to developing student properties could become more specialised, have a greater insight and offer a higher quality service to investors wishing to participate in this popular area of the investment property market. Harley Student Accommodation can therefore call on the expertise, knowledge and connections of its parent group whilst dealing solely on a specific industry.

Harley had already developed its first student property, and due to the great interest shown by investors has actively sought out additional projects that have been identified as offering the best locations, prospects, and security of investment. Projects are at various stages and we have additional opportunities that will be added to the website at the appropriate time. Contact us if you might be interested in other projects that you cannot see listed here.